Grow And Support Greater Diversity Among International Students

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With Myriad, we are focused on enhancing the UK's competitive position in the global student market and supporting greater diversity among international students studying in the UK.

Students can explore courses and universities, and find funding and scholarships that are matched to their personal profiles and the courses they are interested in.

Students can even search for jobs and places to live near the campus they are looking to study at.

Support More Students

Myriad, students can research courses, universities and funding with one app.

We are delighted that over 90% of eligible universities and colleges were included within Myriad from the launch in September 2021.

It is great that we can provide information on courses and universities from across the UK. We are helping international students research the right courses for them. With the referral links, students can be connected directly to your university website to start their applications.

Get more applications

We are really glad to be able to roll-out an advanced application service with select universities, enabling postgraduate international students to create applications within Myriad that are then submitted through to your university website.

Easy. Fast. Effective.

Contact us today for more details on our advanced service.

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