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Look for jobs and accommodation near the campus, town, or city you are looking to move to.

Myriad, by UCAS is here to support you throughout your journey to study in the UK.

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How it works

Download Myriad from the App Store
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Search for courses and choose your favourites
Apply directly on uni website or in the app
Search for scholarships, jobs and housing
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With over 300,000 rooms to choose from across the UK, Myriad helps you find the best accommodation close to the universities you are researching or applying to.

Eliminate the hassle of site searches, personal profile creation, and accommodation applications.

Find your ideal student accommodation and book it directly within Myriad with one click of a button.

We sync your course information profile, so you don’t need to waste time filling out endless application forms.

Just search to find the accommodation that suits you, and hit "Book". Myriad does the rest.

And better still, we have the UK’s largest stock of best quality accommodation for you to choose from -- over 300,000 rooms and counting!


Download Myriad from the App Store
Open Myriad Rooms to find your ideal accommodation
Choose your university from the list
Browse amazing rooms and choose your favourites
One-click book it to confirm your student accommodation
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We know that finding a job whilst studying in the UK can be hard for all students, particularly international students who are new to the town or city you are studying in.

Myriad Jobs is here to help you to be able to look for jobs that suit your skills and experience. You don't have to wait until you arrive in the UK, you can start searching for the perfect role now. Making sure that you can focus on your studies and having fun, and earning some money to help you pay for your social life too.

All you have to do is open up Myriad and use our job finder app. Applying for a job is 1-2-3 easy, honestly!

Just pull up the app, scroll, and apply.

Myriad can also offer job search tips, what employers are looking for, and ideas on which jobs might suit you.

Myriad, by UCAS makes it easy for you to find the perfect job whilst studying in the UK.


Download Myriad from the App Store
Open Myriad Jobs from our suite of services
Search for part-time job opportunities in your location
Favourite the jobs you like
One-click apply
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““Having it all in one app is really powerful, being able to to cross reference everything within one place without having to spend hours and hours researching."
USA Student

Frequently asked Questions


How do I find scholarships? When is the best time to apply?
Through Myriad, finding scholarships is easy. When you download the app you fill out a short profile, with that information we match you with scholarship opportunities which are tailored to your personal circumstances... that means you don't have waste time trawling the internet, searching through endless lists of scholarships for which you're not even eligible to apply.

Myriad saves you the hassle, saves you the headaches, and even sends you application deadline reminders to ensure you never miss an opportunity.

Myriad saves you time and effort, too. Simply tap on the links to apply!
How can Myriad help me to apply to UK universities?
You can use Myriad to search courses, explore universities and find those that are right for you. You can favourite degrees and come back to them later, or you can get more details on the app, and then click apply. This will take you directly to the university website for you to start your application. You will also see that for a selection of courses and universities we are rolling out an advanced service, this means that you will be able to complete your application without leaving the app.


What kind of student housing does Myriad offer?
When it comes to student accommodation, we offer properties in all major university cities across the UK.

Whether you want to move into an apartment with a group of friends, share a flat with a roommate, or rent a private room in a shared apartment, we've got you covered. We also have studio apartments which are perfect if you prefer your own space.
What types of accommodation are there?
Broadly speaking, there are three main room types:

An en-suite room is a private room with a bed, study area and bathroom, shared a kitchen/living area.

A non-en-suite room is a private room with a bed and study area, sharing a bathroom and kitchen/living area.

A self-contained studio is completely private with a bed, study area, bathroom and kitchen/kitchenette.

All three room types allow access to the building’s communal areas to socialise with other students residing in the same building.
Is the accommodation you offer as safe as university halls?
Safety is our number-one priority. The rooms we offer are PBSAs (Purpose Built Student Accommodation) with a full range of security features available, and in the "Facilities" section of each property in the app, you can see which properties have CCTV, Security, Access Control, and other options.
What is a guarantor and do I need one?
A guarantor is someone who agrees to fulfill the financial obligations of the tenancy agreement in the event that the tenant defaults. The guarantor is liable for any rent or property damage which the tenant has failed to cover. Typically the guarantor will be your parent, a guardian or a family friend who is financially responsible, and who is willing to co-sign the tenancy agreement with you.

Many properties require you to provide a guarantor, particularly if you are unable to show sufficient funds to support your rental payments. Some properties also require a guarantor if you choose to pay in installments or to make monthly payments.


I'm looking for part-time work, can you help me?
Yes! Myriad Jobs has a large and constantly updating database of part-time work perfect for students such as yourself. Simply choose your location or select the type of job you are looking for, and we will match with part-time jobs from thousands of opportunities!
I am, or will be, on a Tier 4 Visa, am I still able to find work through Myriad?
Yes! Although there are certain restrictions on the work that you can do (part-time, maximum 20 hours a week), we have plenty of opportunities which will fit your criteria. Download the app and take look!
I am graduating university and looking for a job. Can Myriad help me?
Myriad has a huge database of graduate job opportunities, and a constant supply of great companies looking for well-educated, super-engaged students like you, straight out of university. Download the app and check out your options.
How much does it cost? Are there any fees associated with this service?
There are no fees whatsoever. We don't charge you to use Myriad Jobs, so feel free to use the service as much as you want and find your perfect part-time job or your first full-time job when you graduate, with thousands of fantastic opportunities at your fingertips.

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